Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Heavy Heart

Funerals are never easy. Death is sad. Today was just heart wrenching. A wonderful, amazing, loving, faithful family buried their precious daughter today. She has returned to her maker. She is happy, whole, healthy, and joyful. It just doesn't seem right for such a young, beautiful life to be taken. Something inside me changed today, and there are no words to explain it. Now that I am a mom, I can't even fathom having to go through what the Wilkins are going through right now. They are so strong and have so much faith. Wow, What a testimony! If you haven't checked out their story, go visit here: You will see their unwavering faith from the beginning.
I thank God everyday for my baby boy and for my family. I am so blessed to have been given such a wonderful gift. I'm so humbled and thankful to be chosen to be Hudson's mom. My heart is so heavy for Hannah's mom, Krissy right now. It was time for Hannah to go home, but she sure did touch many lives in her four short years here on earth.
Here's my sweet boy this week. He's getting so big!

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