Thursday, April 8, 2010

Raising Him Right!

Today I was reminded of another reason that I love being in Athens, GA. We stopped there for dinner on our way home from shopping in Commerce. We also stopped by the mall, and as we were leaving I put Hudson next to the bulldog statue to snap a quick picture. An older couple walked by and the gentleman said "That's right, Put that baby beside that bulldog. You're raising 'em right.". I snapped my pictures, and as were walking away another man walked by and made a similar statement. I love the fact that everyone in Athens is a Dawg fan.

Hudson was quite the Dawg fan today too. When I put his stroller beside the statue, he smiled the whole time. It was really cute. He already loves red and black, and he even got some cool GA shoes out of the shopping trip. I can't wait to take him back for his first game.

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