Thursday, May 20, 2010


Tomorrow is the last day of school. At 3:15 I will wrap up my 7th year of teaching. HOLY COW! Has that much time really gone by since college? I'm getting old. Of course I am ecstatic about the fact that I will get to stay home with Hudson everyday for 10 weeks, but it's also going to be a very bittersweet day. I have looked forward to this day, counted down the days to this day, talked and dreamed about this day. Now it's here and deep down there is a part of me that is sad. I'll miss my kids. We've spent day in and day out learning, growing, laughing, crying, and bonding. They have outgrown me and are ready for first grade. It's cool to see how far they have come over the past 10 months. I'm excited about their futures and the places they will go.
I don't want tomorrow to end because that means that my grade level will no longer be together. Last week I blogged about my girls that are being moved to other grades. I really don't want to see them leave.

That brings us to the sweet part: At least we have the summer time!

Here's my sweetness riding his fire truck..

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