Thursday, August 26, 2010

12 month aahhh humm, I mean ONE YEAR stats

Hudson had his one year check up with Dr. Nesbit today. They pricked his finger to check his iron and hemoglobin (both were perfect), he got 4 shots, and checked out well. Doc was very impressed with how many teeth he had for his age and with his growing vocabulary, and that he's exceeded all milestones for his age. Hey, we didn't need them to tell us he was a genius, we've known all along...HA! J/K! I was glad that he had a good check up though. He didn't like the shots of course. He screamed as soon as the nurse lay him down on the table, but only cried for a few seconds after I picked him up.
We did get some (possibly) discouraging news. Hudson's nose started to run yesterday leading us to believe that he's coming down with a cold. This would not ordinarily be a big deal but his surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. That only gives him 4 days for the cold to run it's course and that's not very likely. Doc said for us to call his surgeon's office tomorrow to find out if we need to push it back a little due to the fact that his immune system is already busy fighting off the cold, and anaesthesiologists don't like to put babies under when they are having upper respiratory issues.
SOOO that means that there is a good possibility that we won't be doing the surgery next week. I'm a little bummed about that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not excited for my child to have surgery, but I am ready to put this in the past. We've anticipated it for SO long. Whatever is best and safest for Hudson is what we will do.
Before I forget, here are his ONE YEAR STATS

height: 30 inches- 75th percentile
weight:24 lbs- 70th percentile

He has lots of new words, and we still haven't found a fruit, veggie, or meat that he does not like. He likes whole milk, and when the pack of formula is gone that we are working on now, he will be completely off formula.
The biggest thing this month is the fact that he's walking and running. He started walking about 3 weeks ago and it's amazing to see how much better he's gotten every day like being able to turn corners and step over toys without falling.
He's my heart and I am so thankful for him and proud of him. Here are some pictures from his actual birthday.
Mrs. Jennifer decorated my chair, got me cup cakes, and some other treats. I love Mrs. Jennifer
Time for a birthday ride to the park. Good thing it's a little cooler this morning and there's a breeze.
Cupcake time!!!
We'll finish up the afternoon playing in my new water table.


  1. Cute babies in the play pen...Happy Birthday Hudson!
    Becky Jane

  2. Ugh, I hate that he's getting sick. We're praying for a quick recovery. I know you are so ready to get this behind you.