Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another "First"

Hudson had his first hair cut this week. He did very well!

Just sitting down and getting the cape on. He was not too sure what was going on.
Just getting started with the hair cut. He was doing great.

I like driving this air plane.

another shot from the front

She was done cutting with the scissors and pulled out the trimmers. As soon as she turned them on, you can see the look on Hudson's face. He did NOT like the noise.

Here comes the pitiful pouty face.
AND...the official meltdown!!! Good thing it only lasted a few seconds. Literally as soon as she flipped the switch to turn the trimmers off, he turned off the tears. It was like the switch controlled him too.

Since Hudson was so good, he got to have some of a smoothie.

Look at my big boy, and his clean neck line!

What a STUD!

Here's the certificate they gave us at the hair place.

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