Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Lee!

We went out to the Japanese steak house to celebrate Lee's birthday. Hudson has been before a couple of months ago, and was fine. Not this time! Whew! I have never seen my baby more horrified. He HATED when they lit the fire on the grill and started banging the utensils. The reaction was one that I have never seen before (and hope to never see again). He practically jumped out of his high chair. Dave, my mom, and I took turns standing "back" with him, but he eventually came around like a champ and we were able to return to the table with him. He even got a sucker from the cook (his first time having candy) and I let him have it. Hudson requests that we have birthday dinners at much calmer restaurants from now on.

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  1. Kids and restaurants are always an adventure! Thanks for sharing! Becky Jane