Monday, January 31, 2011

bellies to babies

Hudson and Ila were buddies before they were even born. Erin andI have been close friends since 1998 when I started college. It's fun to have a dear friend who has a baby the same age as Hudson. These babies are really starting to have fun when they get together.

We were both preggers in this picture. Spring 2009
Ila- 12 weeks, Hudson- 2 the GA/SC gameday gathering

Ila- 6 months, Hudson- 4 months

Ila-9 months, Hudson- 7 months

Ila- 14 months, Hudson- 1st birthday party, Peyton- 4 months (Jane is another dear friend from college)
VSU class of 2031

Ila- 15 months, Hudson- 13months

Ila- 16 months, Hudson-14 months

Ila-18 months, Hudson-16 months

They have grown up too fast!
Ila- 19 months, Hudson- 17months


  1. Oh that's so cute !! they'll grow up together !!

  2. Oh my gosh, so cute!! I so wished my son had a built in friend like this!!