Sunday, June 3, 2012


I know that most little boys are hard wired to love sports.  This little boy lives and breathes sports.  We made an impromptu trip to play putt-putt last night after dinner because the weather was so nice.  You should have seen this guy's face when we pulled into the parking lot.  He was beyond excited!!  Hudson ALWAYS has a ball, bat, glove, or club in his hand.  We have to take them in the car with us, his bed has them in it, and he's always "playing" ball.  Before we could get out of the car, he decided that he wanted a green ball.  He got his ball, and on the very first hole, he hit a HOLE IN ONE!  We made a big deal about it, but I don't think that he really understood what it meant.  Oh well, he will soon enough. 

22/52..Hudson, (future Green Jacket wearer) and his first hole in one.  I'm sure the golf channel will be requesting this picture in about 25-30 years when he wins the Masters here on his home turf!  HA!!

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