Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer has officially begun..

..and we couldn't be any happier.  We are going to enjoy every second and try to squeeze in as much fun as possible. 
Here's Bonnie and Clyde being silly after swimming one day.  We stopped by McDonalds to grab a smoothie.

Hudson had his first limo ride.  We had a family birthday and we were lucky to get to enjoy a little fun in this "big car".  Hudson was so excited that he "didn't have to get into a car seat.".

Here he is with Mamaw inside the limo.

He enjoyed helping himself and everyone else to the drinks and snacks.

Can you feel the excitement?

 We've been hitting the pool.  This little boy is a fish who has no fear and his favorite thing is jumping in. 

We've also made a few trips to the splash pad.  

The water is really cold, but it's lots of fun!

We are so lucky to have this great little splash pad only a few miles from our house.

Stay tuned for more summer fun to come!

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