Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy Weekend and 24/52

We had a jam packed weekend of fun.  TWO princess parties to attend, Cousin Chris was in town, and it was Fathers Day.  The first Princess Party of the day was Ila Jane's.  We got there and H and I started jumping.  I love mid-air pictures. Hehe!

 They had not been jumping 5 minutes when  H came out of the inflatable holding his side like he is doing in the picture below and saying his "belly hurt".  He had a fall earlier in the week when we were at the park where he was running and ran off a 3 ft. wall and landed on concrete with his shoulder and side bearing his weight.  He jumped right back up and started playing, and we didn't think much more about it.  Well, at the party when he came out saying he was hurt, we knew that he really couldn't have gotten hurt in the inflatable unless he landed wrong when he flipped or something to that effect.  He would try to jump and climb the little ladder up to the slide but would come out holding his side/upper rib cage area saying he hurt.  After a little while, he didn't complain as much, and he did have a great time at the party.  We went to Claire's fun Princess Party and he was fine there with no complaining.  We even went back over and jumped some more at Ila's that night and he seemed fine. 

On Sunday morning, he woke up and began really complaining that he "hurt".  Every single time that we asked him where he hurt or what was wrong, he tapped the same spot.  I really began to worry this morning when he was screaming in pain.  He was also running high fevers through the night and I knew it was time to go get checked out.  We went to see Dr. Nesbit today, and he checked him really good.  He thinks that Hudson maybe pulled a muscle and could possibly have torn cartledge.  There's nothing that can be done except to watch him closely and pray that he heals.  He also has "something viral" which is causing the fevers.  That keeps up in this week, and away from hanging out with friends, but that's ok as long as my little buddy starts feeling better.  I'm just very thankful that it was nothing more serious.  This boy is rambunctious and never stops running, jumping, spinning, sliding, and flipping.  I guess that's just what boys do. 

24/52...I'm a little behind on this past week's photos of the week, but check out these beautiful birthday girls.  Cinderella even stopped by as a special guest for Claire. 
I love this pic of Ila and Hudson.  She is so cute in her new bathing suit.

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