Friday, August 31, 2012

2 years ago

Two years ago today, I scrubbed in and walked my baby boy who had just turned one into a cold, bright, sterile operating room.  Only God could give me the strength I needed to lay him down on that table.  We sat for seven long, grueling hours waiting for his surgery to be complete.  Praying, waiting, praying waiting.  Each update came and went.  We were so blessed to be at a wonderful hospital with a wonderful surgeon and surgical team.  I had a God given peace all day.  Looking back, I really do not understand how I made it through that day.  We spent the week in the hospital and had several ups and downs.  Words will never adequately express the emotion and feelings that you feel while watching your child in pain.  Hudson is such a special gift to us.  Thank you, Lord for blessing us with his amazing little spirit. 
You can read about Hud's surgery starting here.

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