Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Day in the Country and 29/52...a little late

My computer has been sick for the past week, but I think it's finally back up and running well again.  This past weekend Hudson and I went with our friends Erin and Ila Jane to Erin's hometown (about an hour away) to visit her family.  First we went to her grandparents' house in the country.  Hud and Ila had so much fun. 
The first thing that they did was eat some very fresh and yummy watermelon grown not too far from where they are standing.

This watermelon was orange, and very tasty. 
  YUM!!!  Our favorite summer treat!!!

After their snack, these two kiddos got to take a fun tractor ride. How fun for a kid!!!

 When they got back, and it was time to pull the tractor into the yard, Hudson told me he was "sad that it was time to put the tractor away".

Next, we all hopped into the truck to take a ride out to see the cows.
 They were cooling off in the shade.
"Hey COW!"

 This little boy enjoyed himself, and I did too.  Thanks, Erin and Ila for inviting us to have a great day with y'all.  Your grandparents are so precious and were so sweet.  We had such a fun time.

29/52...We brought home A LOT of peas.  Hudson, Dave, and I shelled peas for 3 hours on Saturday night and had such a good time doing it together.  Here's our fresh produce....
 A baby cow had just been born the morning we were there.  Hudson was lucky enough to be able to name the cow...his name..."Woody".  Such a cute baby with the same marks as his mama.
 I love this...Hudson getting weighed on the produce scale.
We are still enjoying our tasty watermelon.  I think that we are on our 3rd one since the weekend.  Hudson and I could eat a whole one by ourselves. 

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