Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 1 at home

Our air conditioner quit running sometime in the middle of the night so we woke up pretty warm today. Thank goodness a family friend came to the rescue at about 8 am and got us cool again. Hudson slept pretty well, and I had to wake him up at 4 am for meds. He took his whole formula cup this morning and we were so excited because he hasn't been eating or drinking very well. The excitement ended shortly after when he started throwing up, then having diarrhea. He ate breakfast and the same thing happened. I was so discouraged, so I got on the phone to call his doctors. Basically they think that his pain medicine caused the vomiting, and one of his other medicines caused the diarrhea. We spent the day trying to pump him full of Pedialyte, and he ate a little yogurt. I took him off of the oral pain medicine, and switched him to one that's not as harsh on his system, and he's kept dinner down. He's still having diarrhea. He's lost 4 lbs since Tuesday morning.
I mentioned in an earlier post that we were going to have bumps in the road, and obviously this is just another bump. I really can't wait for him to be running around again, smiling, laughing, and talking. He's still pretty weak, but got down and played with his toys several times today.
Thank you for continuing to pray for complete healing of his body.

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