Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Update

Today has been pretty uneventful so far which is a good thing. Hudson slept pretty well last night, but continued to run fever through the night. He had fever this morning, but when it was checked about 30 minutes ago it was gone. It does not look like we will be going home today. He's still not eating/drinking enough. He's still dealing with some pain issues too, but he's so strong and brave. I can't even imagine how his little body feels after ALL he's been through.
The drainage tube is removed, so we are one step closer to having a wireless baby. (still on monitor and IV) We just took him down in the stroller for a walk outside and around the hospital. We went down to McDonalds and he drank some of a smoothie....good step in the right direction.
We were so encouraged last night when Dr. Nesbit came to visit. He's the best pediatrician. It's not even his case, and he came and visited with Hudson for quite a while. I know I continue to say it, but we are so blessed to have such wonderful doctors and such a great facility as the Children's Medical College.
Now we are waiting for Hudson to really get up and moving. He still acts like he's in a lot of pain when moved, and obviously is not himself. I am looking forward to seeing that beautiful smile and those dimples SOON. I can't wait to be chasing him around as he runs away from me laughing.
We continue to covet your prayers and well wishes. We're blown away by the generosity and love shown to our family. It's so wonderful to have such great family and friends. Your notes, messages, comments, texts, and visits have really helped pull us through this difficult time. THANK YOU for caring for our precious little miracle.

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