Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Post-Op appointment

Today was Hudson's first post-op ultrasound and appointment. We went to CMC this morning, and had the ultrasound first. He did really well despite taking the "wand" out of the technician's hand a few times. He wanted to play with it. We went down to meet with Dr. Donohoe next. He informed us that the kidney is still really dialated. This has always been the case since he was born with hydronephrosis (enlarged/dialated kidney).
We go back on October 15th to get his stint removed. This will be a much quicker surgery than the previous. They will just stick a camera through the stint, look around, and remove the stint. We then go back a week later for a repeat ultrasound. They want to make sure there's no obstruction due to the fact that his kidney is still really dialated. We pray that when the stint is removed that the reflux will be GONE and there will be no obstruction! Hudson has been on an antibiotic since the day he was born to prevent UTI's due to his urine reflux. The surgery was done, and the bladder, kidney and ureter were reconstructed to help prevent this.
Dr. Donohoe says that eveything looks healthy on the ultrasound, but we won't really know until the stint is removed. After the next ultrasound, they will do another VCUG test. This is not pleasent at all, so I dread it for Hudson.
You guys have been so wonderful about lifting Hudson up in prayer. I ask you again to pray for him. Please pray for his body to continue to heal properly, and for there to be NO obstruction and no refluxing.
Thank you so much for caring for and loving our little guy. It means so much to us as we have your support and prayers.
Here's a picture of him getting his vitals checked today, and waiting in the exam room while watching a DVD.

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