Saturday, September 18, 2010


One year ago today my Mema went to Heaven. Last year on September 18, it was rainy and gloomy. It was a sad day. This morning when I looked outside and saw how beautiful the weather was, I knew she was smiling down. I still miss her so much every single day. I am SO thankful that she got to meet Hudson a few days after he was born even though it was the only time she ever saw him. I know she would be so proud of him.

On a lighter note, we have had a busy week. It's nice to have the weekend to rest (just a little). We had a wedding shower today, and have birthday parties and showers for the 3 weekends. It's so great to celebrate fun life changes with friends.

Since this post is all over the place, I'll include some pictures from Hudson Studson's little advertising gig. He was asked to model some "Winter wear" for an advertisement, and here are a few of the shots. This was done in the middle of August, so it was H-O-T outside and that's why he's wearing cool clothes. I love the messy hair in the last two.

These are a few shots from our shopping trip to get new Fall shoes. We had to go get that chunky foot measured. He's wearing a 5 1/2 wide! He loves the fountain at Surrey Center and always stands there and tries to reach over to stick his hand in the water. He's finally tall enough to reach the water. I snapped these before we went in to get new shoes.

This boy has come a long way in the last two weeks. Two Saturdays ago, he was so sick from medications and recovering from surgery. Today, you would never know. He's recovered so well. Praise the Lord. We are so thankful. What a little trooper!

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