Friday, September 3, 2010


This afternoon, Hudson really turned around. He started eating and drinking (a little, but we'll take it), and wanted to get up and about more. Dr. Donohoe stopped by late this afternoon and said that we could go home if we were ready to take care of him at home. That was music to my ears. We discharged this evening and are SO happy to have our boy home. I gave him a really good bath. He was so cute when he got excited to see our cat, Chipper. He's resting so peacefully now in his bed and we couldn't be happier.
This surgery has been in the back of our minds since before Hudson was born. Putting it in our past is something I cannot explain. Now I don't have to worry or dread his appointments. He will continue to be monitored probably for the rest of his life, but that's just fine. We have to make sure that one and only kidney continues to remain healthy.
I know I have said it 100 times this week, but I must say it again. We have been SO blessed to have CMC, our wonderful doctors, and great friends that work at the hospital who really went out of their way to ensure that Hudson had only the best care.
We also thank all of our family and friends for the prayers, visits, calls, and encouragement that you have sent our way. We feel so loved, and it has helped us through the hardest week of our lives. There is nothing like the pain of seeing your child hurting and knowing what their body has been through. I'll quit rambling but thanks again for following along and helping us through this journey. We love you!
In pre-op feeling a little drunk from the meds they gave him to help him relax. (Yes, he has a black eye. He fell the night before surgery and hit it on a toy.)

After surgeryWith Dr. Donohoe. We love him so much!Mommy and HudsonCan't you tell that I'm starting to feel better. I can sit up now. This is one of my favorite nurses, Mrs. Rebecca. She really loved me and was so sweet to me.

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  1. I think that, now your son will be alright. All the best. Enjoy your life.