Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A MILLION THANK YOUS and Surgery Update

Hudson was in surgery for over six hours yesterday. They had to do a little more than expected. First Dr. Donahoe did a systascope (probably spelling that wrong) through the bladder, kidney, and ureter. Then he dissected the bladder, next he had to re route the ureter to come out of the other side of the bladder. He tapered the ureter down to a more appropriate size, and then re implanted it. He had to move the Vas Defrens (again spelled that wrong) to come over the ureter instead of under. It was really extensive and lasted what seemed like forever. We are so thankful that we have such an AMAZING surgeon and Dr. We love Dr. Donahoe. He saved our boy!
When we got to a room, Hudson was in a lot of pain. They gave him a spinal to help with the pain management but it didn't take well, so he was suffering for about 2 hours until they finally started giving him morphine. Initially he was not putting out urine and we were scared to death. We were on pins and needles all night watching his cath bag. Finally around 3 am the nurse came in and yelled: "He's producing good urine.". Those were the best words I have EVER heard. I had prayed so hard for this unexpected problem to be resolved and gave it over to God. Ever since he's been producing GREAT amounts of urine.
He became very swollen during the night and frankly he was unrecognizable for a while. This really scared me and that's when I had my melt down in the middle of the night.
Today has been better. He's healing, and even stood up in his bed. He's running a temp, so that's what we are praying for now. Doc does not feel like he has an infection at surgical site, but possibly an ear infection or just fluid on the lungs from being put to sleep for such a long time. His swelling has gone down and he's talking a little, but he's still really groggy and in some pain.
Words cannot express how appreciative we are for all of your prayers and well wishes. We've really felt them and they have gotten us through this leg of the journey. THANK YOU!!!!
Please continue to pray for pain management, fever to GO AWAY, and for them to be able to remove his cath and drainage tube tomorrow. We may go home of Friday if everything goes according to plan.
THANK YOU again for being so supportive and for all the love you have sent our family. God is good.
I apologize for my spelling errors and if some of this does not make sense. I will post some pictures later. I'm on a public computer now because the wireless internet here does not really work well.
More later.....

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  1. What a big sigh of prayers are with you, your son, doctors, nurses and daddy too!
    Keep us posted!